What is URBNSURF Perth?
How big is the surfing lagoon planned for Tompkins Park?
What are the proposed operating hours?
What are the next steps?


Does this proposal rely on State or Local Government funding?
How much will it cost to build URBNSURF Perth?
What will it cost for a surf session at URBNSURF Perth?
What if the surf park is not successful - will the City of Melville be left with a financial liability?

Design & Environment

Why this location?
Will URBNSURF Perth result in a loss of amenity?
Will URBNSURF Perth be designed with best practice sustainability measures?
How much water is used in the lagoon each year?
How much noise is generated by the wave generator?
Will URBNSURF Perth suit the surrounding recreation and natural environment?
Will URBNSURF Perth have any adverse on-site environmental impacts?
Will URBNSURF Perth have an impact on the birds and other fauna of Alfred Cove?
Will URBNSURF Perth impact adjacent wetlands and vegetation of Alfred Cove?
Is the site known to be contaminated?


What is happening to the Melville Bowling Club and Tompkins Park playing fields?
I live in the City of Melville. Will I get discounted entry to URBNSURF Perth?
How is parking and traffic congestion going to be managed?
Are you going to hold any community days?
Can the surf lagoon be used for other purposes?
What are some of the other benefits?