How big are the surf lagoons?
What is the layout of the lagoon?
What surfing experience is needed?


What types of waves can be generated?
How are the waves made?
Are the waves always the same size and type?
Is the wave powerful, does it have ‘push’?


Will URBNSURF be designed and operated sustainably?
How much water is used in the lagoon each year?
How much noise is generated by the wave generator?
Will URBNSURF look like a natural environment?


In what context can URBNSURF be developed?
How long does it take to build an URBNSURF surf park?
How much does it cost to build an URBNSURF surf park?


What are the wave heights and ride lengths at URBNSURF?
How many waves are generated per hour?
Is it easier to learn to surf at URBNSURF?
What about progression for experienced surfers?
What other activities be available at URBNSURF?
What will it cost to surf at URBNSURF?


Is surfing at URBNSURF safe?
I’ve never surfed before – is it safe for me?
How do you ensure a surfers' safety from the wave generating device?
Is it dangerous if a surfer falls off their board?


How much energy is needed to generate waves?
Can renewable energy be used to power the wave generator?